What is camouflage mode and how does it work?

Camouflage mode is a simple yet effective way of making Prey less detectable by a thief. When enabled, tapping the Prey icon in your phone or tablet will not show the Prey logo and status, but instead it will show an image reminiscent of a game.

This way the thief will be tricked into thinking that Prey is not an anti-theft application but an innocent game just waiting to be played. Obviously, there's no game to be played and the screen will only show a password box in case you want to access your Prey settings on your phone. Without knowing the password, the thief will have no option but to hit the back/menu button right away.

In addition to Camouflage mode, we also recommend that you move the Prey icon into an app group (like the default Utilities in iOS), making the app even less detectable.