How to deploy Prey in batch mode (Windows)

To install Prey in batch mode in Windows can run the installer in silent mode by giving a /S argument to the .exe installer through the command line.

We wrote a simple Windows batch script that does this automatically for you. You can download it from here:

You simply need to drop it in the same location as the current Prey installer (e.g. prey-0.5.3-win.exe) and then run from a command line:

prey-win-batch-install.bat [your_api_key]

You can get your API key from your account's profile page in the Control Panel.

Once you run it, Prey will be installed to C:\Prey and that PC should automatically appear on the Control Panel under your account. If you wish to install to a different location you can edit the batch file and change the install_path line setting on line number 8.

If you want to upgrade a PC that already had Prey installed, simply run prey-win-batch-install.bat without passing any arguments.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.