Characteristics of the MSP Panel

As our MSP partners, we offer you the opportunity to manage all of your clients from a single, simple-to-use multi-tenancy panel. Here you can keep track of their assigned slots, the fee they pay you for their Prey slots, and the billing information for your Prey subscription, along with a simple interface to access their dedicated Prey panel and manage their devices. In this article, we’ll review each section of the MSP Panel.

If you’re an MSP partner, and do not have access to the MSP panel, please contact our Sales team and they’ll be happy to set that up for you.

If you need information on the main features of the Prey panel to manage your clients’ devices, please check our article on Characteristics of the Prey panel.


The first stop for your MSP Panel, where you can review your current available and used plan slots, along with their distribution by clients. You can also check relevant information from your clients’ fleets, such as information on when they were last seen, devices set to missing, and status of the Prey client.


In the Clients tab, you can find the meat of your MSP panel: all of your clients, along with the departments created for each of them. From here you can add new clients, and access their dedicated Prey panel, along with all the features for device tracking and management.

In order to manage your client’s devices, you first need to create a department within each client and then assign slots to the department. Once that’s done, you can click on the Manage devices button within the department to access their dedicated panel.


Here you can modify your account information, change your password, activate or deactivate multi-factor authentication and create new users along with modifying the role and clients assigned to them. Please note that all users will only be able to view and/or manage devices for the clients that have been assigned to them, according to their permissions.

The MSP panel has 5 roles with specific permissions. You can review them here.

  • The Owner role is the user under which your account was created. It has access to all your clients, and all the features within the MSP Panel. This role cannot be assigned to a new user. If you need to change the Owner of your account, please contact our Support Team.
  • An Admin role with access to all the features within the MSP Panel, and capabilities to view and manage all of your clients, regardless of the ones assigned to them.
  • A client-specific role allowed to manage only the clients assigned to them, under which they're able to create new departments as well. They are not allowed access to the Billing section, cannot create new users, nor can they create new clients or assign clients to users.
  • A limited access role. This role will only be able to view the Billing section of your MSP panel.
  • A limited access role. This role cannot manage clients, nor are they able to create new departments nor reassign slots; they can, however, view and manage the devices of the clients they have been assigned.


Here you can review your Prey subscription payment information, invoices, renewal dates and the number of slots available in your account.

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Here you can find relevant news on updates to both the Prey Control Panel and the Prey Client, release of new features, and more.

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