Characteristics of the Prey panel

The Prey panel is the one-stop shop where you can manage your fleet, check their location in real time, and manage your Prey account. It consists of several sections, which we’ll review one by one in this article.

This may go without saying, but please keep in mind that in order for a device to appear in your Prey panel, the corresponding Prey client needs to be installed in the device. You can review more about the clients in this category.


The dashboard is your first stop in the panel. Here you can review relevant statistics about your fleet, and double click on them if you need to learn more.


The heart of your Prey panel. Here you can find all of the devices you’ve added to your Prey account, along with relevant information for each device. You can organize your fleet for ease of management with our labeling and filtering system, and view all of your devices with reported locations in a single map view. If you need to manage a specific device, just click on it from any of the views available, and you’ll be taken to the Device View.

  • Device view

    Here you can find the devices’ location, assign a loan, and execute security actions on each device. Additionally, you can also review the device’s location history, all the missing reports generated by the device, all the activity the device has had within your panel with the activity log and the device’s hardware information.


Within Automations you can create powerful automated actions based on specific triggers.

Mass Actions

Here, you can execute a single action on up to 100 devices with just a few clicks.

Control Zones

Create circular geofences where you can set up actions to be executed automatically when devices are on the move.


Here you can manage your Prey subscription and find your setup Key, along with the option to create additional users, assign them roles and permissions, configure our Apple Push Notification Service certificate, activate or deactivate additional account security (such as long-in via SAML or activate and deactivate 2-factor authentication ), and review the Audit Log.

What’s new

Here you can find relevant news on updates to both the Prey Control Panel and the Prey Client, release of new features, and more.

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