Labels and filters


Your Control Panel allows you to organize your fleet according to your needs by using labels. Labels are powerful tools that allow you to identify groups of devices, which you can then assign to specific groups for granular management of your fleet; to learn more about that, please visit the User and device groups help center article.

You can create a label in your Device list view by clicking on a device then selecting the Add Label button, and entering the name of the label you want to create. To assign a label to a device, choose the device(s) you want to label, click Add label, select Assign, choose the label you wish to apply, and then click Confirm.

To delete a label from your account, just click on the x button next to the label name in the Labels section. Please keep in mind that this will remove the label from your account and all devices that had it applied. If you’d like to remove a label from a single device, just click on the x button of the label in the device that you want to remove it from.


Once you’ve created some labels, you can now quickly filter through them by clicking on the label on the Labels section of your Device list view.

You can also filter your fleet by Device Attribute, or using one of the smart filters we’ve prepared.

If you want to remove the applied filter and review your complete device list, just click on the x button of the filter you want to remove in the Selected Filters section.

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