Activity log

Your Prey Panel allows you to monitor your devices’ activity for up to a month. To access it, just navigate to the device you want to monitor and click on Activity log in the Device view.

Aside from logging all the security actions, automation execution and location updates requested from your Prey Panel, the activity log includes:

  • Change in Public or Private IP and MAC Addresses
  • Change in Wi-Fi connection, including the name of the network the device connected to.
  • Change in internal hardware
  • Change in charging status
  • OS and Prey client updates

You can use this in tandem with the Audit Log for a comprehensive review of how Prey has been used by your team, or for troubleshooting connectivity issues between the Prey Client and your Panel.

Troubleshooting with the Activity log

The Activity Log can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues between your device and the Panel. Please refer to the Connection Issues section of the Help Center for more information.

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