How to uninstall Prey for Computers

While Prey lives in the hard drive and can be uninstalled, it will not show up in any list of installed software. To uninstall it, follow the directions below based on your operating system.

  • There are two ways to uninstall Prey. The first way is to use the uninstaller, which you can find on C:\Windows\Prey

    What if I can't find the uninstall.exe file?

    If you use an unattended installation method, no uninstaller will be created. If that is the case, you’ll need to disarm Prey on Command Prompt (as admin) running the following command:

    wmic product where name="Prey Anti-Theft" call uninstall

    After that, you can delete the folder C:\Windows\Prey if it is still there.

  • Removing Prey from Unix-based systems is simple. You just need to open a terminal ( OS X) and run the following command (make sure to run the command as a single line):

    sudo /usr/local/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config hooks pre_uninstall && sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/prey /var/log/prey.log /etc/prey

    This will remove all traces of the Prey for Computers client from your device. Keep in mind that you will be prompted for your sudo password.

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