Deploying Prey via JAMF

You can install Prey remotely using your MDM. In this case we are going to see the best way to install Prey using JAMF


While we do provide support for Prey installation, it’s important you reach your provider if any additional steps may be required. These instructions are based on our experience helping users install Prey via JAMF.


JAMF Documentation

You can find here(external link) the steps to run scripts. You’ll need to follow their instructions on where to put your script before you can deploy Prey to your fleet.


Copy and save your Setup key

You’ll need this value for your script to link your device successfully to your account. You can find it on your Prey panel, Settings, Users, Roles and Permissions.



Editing & adding the script

Now, you’ll need to edit the following script, by changing the value next to API_KEY, with your Setup key previously saved. You can do this directly on JAMF, or on any text editor you may prefer. Once that is done, your script will be ready to be deployed by the MDM. You’ll need to save the script on JAMF and deploy it following the steps they provide on their software.




archversion=$(uname -m)

if [ "$archversion" != "arm64" ]; then



curl -o prey-mac-${lastversion}-${archversion}.pkg${lastversion}/prey-mac-${lastversion}-${archversion}.pkg && API_KEY=$1 sudo -E installer -pkg prey-mac-${lastversion}-${archversion}.pkg -target /


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