Deployment and Configuration

Welcome to Prey!


You are now part of our family and are ready to protect your devices, but how can you do that efficiently? We have different options and alternatives depending on what kind of device you will be protecting and what OS it is running. 

For the most part, installing Prey is as easy as downloading Prey for computers from our website, or downloading Prey for Android/iOS from the respective mobile store. Then, run the installer and, while it is installing the app, you'll just need to follow the instructions on the screen to make it work. It's that easy!

Now, if you have large fleet of computers, we suggest you to check this article to see if unattended installation is something that could make your life easier.

For mobile devices, please check these considerations, as the way in which Prey works will depend on the conditions set by the user (permissions) and by the OS (restrictions). 

For Chromebook users, there's a different procedure needed. Please visit this page and follow the instructions thoroughly to ensure the devices are protected with Prey. 


Configuration and more!

Now that you have deployed Prey, you can go and check out a device and get more information about it. For that, you can go to "Devices" on your Prey panel, and select one.


Prey panel device view animated


You can also take your time to explore the Prey panel! And adjust some settings like Manage Users, Device management and email notifications:

Prey panel settings view animated


A few tips for when configuring your account:

  • Do not use a generic user! Prey allows you to create unlimited users, along with custom roles for your team.
  • Activate 2-factor authentication in order to strengthen your credentials safety.
  • Monitor your fleet’s health in your dashboard: all devices should have the latest version, and all devices should check-in the moment they come online.
  • Activate your account’s email notifications to receive real-time updates on your fleet.


That's it for now! See you in the next article! 



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