Roles and Permissions on MSP panel

Users and Permissions in the MSP Panel

Having multiple users allows you not only the security layer of not sharing login credentials, but also granularity in controlling who can access what within your MSP Panel. 


You can add new users at any moment in the Settings section of your Panel, under the Manage Users tab. Creating a new user requires you to select a Role and assign Clients to them; you can modify these at any point after creation by clicking on the edit button for the user you want to modify. Keep in mind that, regardless of the role you assign to the user, clients will be assigned in their entirety, including all the departments created under them.


Below you can find a list of the roles available for users in the MSP Panel.

  • Owner: The Owner role is the user under which your account was created. It has access to all your clients, and all the features within the MSP Panel. This role cannot be assigned to a new user. If you need to change the Owner of your account, please contact our Support Team.
  • MSP Admin: An Admin role with access to all the features within the MSP Panel, and capabilities to view and manage all of your clients, regardless of the ones assigned to them.
  • MSP User: A client-specific role allowed to manage only the clients assigned to them, under which they're able to create new departments as well. They are not allowed access to the Billing section, cannot create new users, nor can they create new clients or assign clients to users.
  • Billing only: A limited access role. This role will only be able to view the Billing section of your MSP panel.
  • End client: A limited access role. This role cannot manage devices or clients, nor are they able to create new departments; they can , however, view all the information of the clients they are assigned to.

If you have any questions or need assistance with users and permissions, feel free to contact our Support Team by filling the contact form on your MSP panel.

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