Deploying Prey via PDQ Deploy

If you're looking to remotely install Prey on your Windows devices fleet using PDQ Deploy, we've got you covered. Here you can find a step-by-step guide to guide you through the process.

Setting Up Prey

Download Prey Installer

Begin by downloading the latest Prey MSI installer. Navigate to your Panel, click on Add device for Windows, and in the Deployment across your fleet section, click Installation using an MSI file. Download the installer corresponding to your device architecture (32 or 64 bits). 


Generate Installation Command

Scroll down to step 2 and copy the installation command. Save this command; you'll need it in the next steps.


Configuring PDQ Deploy

You will have to previously configure and add your devices to the MDM

Open PDQ Deploy

Open PDQ Deploy and select the Create a new Package option.


Package Properties

In the new package, click Properties, and under the Details tab, name your package and specify the version.


Configure the installation Steps

Click on Steps and select Install


In the Install file option, choose the MSI installer file that you previously downloaded. Navigate to Command Line and activate the Custom option, then paste the installation command saved earlier. Double check the command is correct as this is crucial for the devices to be added to your account.


Deploy the Package

Head back to Packages in the left menu, pick your recently created package, and click Deploy Once in the top menu or by right-clicking on the package name.


Choose your target devices, either through Choose Targets or by manually entering the devices' names. Once enlisted, click on Deploy Now and watch the installation magic unfold.


Monitor Deployment Status

After a bit (depending on the device-MDM connection), you can check the deployment status switched to Finished with the target device showing a Successful status.


Check your Panel to verify the devices were successfully added

Now, validate on your Prey Panel that the devices were added and showing the correct version. Once you confirm it, you're all set!

This guide provides a basic approach to remotely deploying Prey using PDQ Deploy. If you encounter any hiccups, issues, or failures in the process, please reach out directly to the PDQ support team. As PDQ Deploy is an external software to Prey, our Support team lacks the tools to resolve any errors or issues that may arise. PDQ support will guide you through the best way to navigate and troubleshoot the process.

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