Installation workflows for mobile devices

Regular installation

Installing Prey is as easy as downloading Prey for computers from our website, or downloading Prey for Android/iOS from the respective mobile store. Then, run the installer and, while it is installing the app, you'll just need to follow the instructions on the screen to make it work. It's that easy!


Linking your account using the QR Code

In case you want someone tu install Prey and link their device to your account with no need of giving them your credentials, you can do it by sharing a QR code which will allow them to link it. They'll just need to download and install the app from the appstore, and then from the app, scan the QR code.

You will find your QR code by clicking on the +Add Device button in the top of your main dashboard.




Unattended Installation via Custom APK (Android Only)

If you have a Tracking or Full Suite plan, you can create a Custom APK installer for your mobile phones or tablets, using your setup Key, directly from your Prey panel. That way you won't have to share your login credentials nor have the device at hand in order to set it up. In the Settings section, select Setups and then the Android tab. Afterwards, click the Create Link button as per the image below:



Once the link is created (it can take a few minutes), you can share it with your team. Once open from an android device, the link will download an installer that, after the installation process is finished, will leave the device immediately configured to your Prey account. Please consider that the device will be added to the user under which you created the link, and anyone with access to the link will be able to add devices to your account, so we suggest you share it only with the right people.

If you need to revoke the link, you can do so by clicking on the red Revoke button, as per the above image. This will delete the link, and the APK installer will be rendered unusable, so if you want to add more devices with this method, you'll have to create a new link.





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