Image Deployment (Windows Only)

Installing Prey on your computers using image deployment is easy if you follow our instructions. The Prey app must be the last app installed on the master machine. You can't connect this machine to the internet after this process, or you’ll risk getting machine duplicates on your Prey account.

Go through your complete setup process, and when you’re done, follow these setup instructions:

  •  Install the regular Prey package on the master machine (not the unattended installer). Download the latest installer here:
  • See the image below, make sure to uncheck the box and when the process is finished, close the window. Do not enter your account credentials. We can't emphasize this enough. 

  • Now, disconnect from the internet.
  • Add your Setup Key to the device's database by following these steps:
    • Open a CMD window as admin and run the following command
c:\Windows\Prey\current\bin\prey config settings update control-panel.api_key SETUPKEY
  • Make sure to replace the SETUPKEY parameter with your unique Setup key, find it in your Panel under Settings > Setups (not to be confused with the Developer API).

  • Confirm the configuration is correct with the command: 
c:\Windows\Prey\current\bin\prey config settings list
  • Check that the Setup key field has your key and the device key is blank. 

  • Now, save the image for all future deployments. Just make sure your saved version has no associated device key. Do this before going back online (and store the image safely!).

Now you can deploy the image into other computers. Make sure the master device is disconnected from the internet to do so.

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